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-= OFF-Topic =-
super talent
I can not believe that these kids do such things!

They are very good at this job!
whether lawful
One song for laserline and also for all Albanian friends ... Smile

Now that I've indicated where my body was (?by an accident of nature) born [as per forum rules], perhaps somebody would be so kind as to make any helpful suggestions for my spirit (?seeking urgent relief) in helpful suggestions for my car radio:
Please help me. I need the radio code for my Citroen Jumper (2008-2009). The model is Blaupunkt. The numbers I found on the back and side are as follows:
Serial Number: BP632280442373 -- Part Number: 7646322316
I need a 4 digit code, digits must be from 1 to 6. Please help soon!!

PS. After many, many years of sincere and honest searching I still have no idea where my spirit was born or if it ever was, what it was? I welcome suggestions on that too? At least, why do we do tend to seek to reinforce ready-made answers undermined by our own nagging search full of doubt, for their validation ? Although I have not found many answers, I spontaneously refrain from pigeon-holing definitions whenever the urge comes over me to comfort my own doubts by actually begging the questions: Who am I? Hint: Surely, I'm not my Username (as per forum rules) or even my parents given name, although my deliberately chosen Username as Seeker2012 may still be much more meaningful than that given by my parents ...? Besides serving practical convention, names, places, gender, position, wealth, power, ... attempt to bestow permanent IDs on impermanent entities ... The sun, moon, and stars mock this infinitely ... That which is eternal (or tending to the eternal) truth, does not need ephemeral linguistic self-assertion ... Hence, the sun, moon, stars have never thought to evolve any self- assertion language ...
Does any body like this rambling at 5.20 am, Tunis time ... Ah, this might just start me on the relativity of time too , but I''ll stop here ... LOL

For first question you already got reply

For the second question you chose the wrong place ... but I will try mission impossible Smile

Well .... nobody can tell you or show who are you, because it's not possible with words. You can read all books in the world and still not understand. But I hope books will help you in some way to see themselves finally.
Some people travel around the world for search the truth and looking for someone who can tell him, but it's wrong ... truth is everywhere, just your eyes must see very very deep.

WBR DeCode
Grumpy Grandma

[Image: tumblr_mj6564ZVD81rv2t5vo2_500.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_mj6564ZVD81rv2t5vo7_500.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_mj6564ZVD81rv2t5vo4_500.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_mj6564ZVD81rv2t5vo5_500.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_mj6564ZVD81rv2t5vo3_500.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_mj6564ZVD81rv2t5vo1_500.jpg]
Just refresh topic with good music Cool


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